Olivia's collared sweater on Ravenswood

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Outfit details:

Top: Cashmere jeweled collar waffle sweater from J.Crew
Jacket: Long-sleeve plaid blazer by QMack (also worn on PLL) - Thanks Brianna!
Skirt: Plaid pleated A-line skirt by QMack (Thanks Brianna!)
Bag: Quilted Faux Leather Backpack from Forever 21

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  1. Marie-Julie says:

    This website is perfect God, I can’t believe it, thank you so much for existing. Ahah
    I have a question. I fell in love with Olivia’s backpack in the episode 2. Does someone know where it is from ? or something similar at least ?
    I’d be so happy. xxx

  2. Linda says:

    Thanks Marie-Julie, you’re lovely! I found the backpack but unfortunately it is sold out online :( It might still be in stores though!

    I found another similar one but it is like $450 hah :(

  3. Linda says:

    Thanks heaps Brianna!

  4. Marie-Julie says:

    Oh thank you so much. :) You and your website are amaaaazing. Love

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Ravenswood Fashion: J. Crew Cashmere jeweled collar waffle sweater worn by Merritt PattersonPin it
Ravenswood Fashion: Forever 21 Quilted Faux Leather Backpack worn by Merritt PattersonPin it