Looking for the men of Suits?

From the FAQ:

Why aren't there any suits? For example from How I Met Your Mother, Suits, Mad Men etc.

The way I find items is by visually scanning through thousands of thumbnail images. With suits - they all look the same at that size. It would take days to ID a single suit. The same applies to other non-descript items like plain t-shirts.

You should just add every outfit from every character from every episode of every show, ever.

Please remember that I am not a part of the TV channels or shows, it is not a simple case of data entry. It often takes hours to find a single item. I love that people are so passionate about their favourite TV shows but unfortunately there are only so many hours in a day and I already spend too many of them in front of the computer!

Please check out the Suits Style page on the USA Network website for some information about the mens clothing.