Abigail’s orange pleated dress on Good Witch

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Picture: Hallmark

Outfit Details

Dress: Behati Dress by A.L.C.

Worn on: Good Witch episode "The Party" - 7x01
Worn by: Abigail Pershing played by Sarah Power
Posted on: May 17, 2021
Posted by: Mina
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Outfit Images

Behati Dress by A.L.C. worn by Abigail Pershing (Sarah Power) on Good Witch

Abigail Pershing (played by Sarah Power) on Good Witch on Hallmark was spotted wearing this orange pleated dress on Good Witch on episode 'The Party' (7x01) in May 2021. Abigail's Dress is the Behati Dress by A.L.C.. For shoppable links visit wornontv.net/225061