About WornOnTV

WornOnTV is a website dedicated to the wardrobes of TV characters. We show you where to buy exact and similar items worn on your favorite shows! Just click the items in the "Shop This Style" section of each post or use the item information provided to shop IRL.

How it started

WornOnTV was started by resident internet nerd Linda (me!), in January 2012. At the time, I was running WWZDW? (What Would Zoey Deschanel Wear?) as a fun side project. Apparently scouring the internet for hours looking at clothes became my thing. I got hooked and love it!

In the beginning I only covered a couple of shows that I was watching (The Big Bang Theory, Community, Hart of Dixie, and HIMYM). This changed when I opened up the suggestions box - people had a hurricane of new shows for me to add and this is still my first place for checking what shows to feature next. We now have over 300 shows and add new ones all the time.

How it's going

I am now joined by 2 contributors (♥ Mina & Steph ♥) and as a close team, we strive to be the largest, most accurate, and best database of everything seen on television wardrobes.

WornOnTV is not associated with any networks or shows, we are completely independant.

Worn on TV is a registered trademark.

A Few Stats..
Total shows: 414
Outfits posted: 83,758
Exact match products listed: 130,960
Hours spent searching for items: toooo many
Linda Wilks
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  • 30-something mama of 2 small humans & 2 cats
  • Fav shows: Mr Mayor, Brooklyn 99, The Mandalorian, true-crime-anything, The Office forever.
  • Hobbies: You're here! anything web & nerdy, making up songs to the tune of Baby Shark.

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