Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn't an outfit listed?

If it has been less than 24hrs since the outfit aired on tv, please give some time for us to find it and post.

If it has been longer and we still haven't posted it, we probably haven't been able to find it (or maybe the admin in charge of that show is on an ultra-rare vacation!). There is never an instance where we would know the product and not post it.

How do you find items?

It differs for each item and character. Sometimes characters regularly wear items from the same brand or store so we will start with that. Sometimes it involves quite a bit of Google-fu. If we're lucky, a kind visitor will send us the information!

It can sometimes take hours to find a single item which is why we can't add everyone's favorite show.

Can you please add more mens and plus size clothing?

Please check out the mens and plus size tags. More womens' clothes are added simply because they wear more search-able clothing. Women's clothing generally gives more terms to search for (a certain pattern, a print, different necklines or shapes etc.).

Can you please find an item for me?

We do not do requests sorry!

Why Not? It can take hours to find a single item, longer if we're not familar with a show/character's regular wardrobe. The amount of requests we get every week (even with requests closed) would equate to a full time job.

Where can I buy [product] in [country]?

You will find a lot of the stores will ship internationally. Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Macys, Neiman Marcus, Saks, Asos, ModCloth and more.. they all ship internationally. If it is not available for a certain product/store then please use the brand and product information provided to look at the locals stores near you. You could also search for a personal shopper in your area (we do not offer these services).

An item is marked as an "exact match" but the pattern is not lining up exactly the same as on tv.

Unfortunately this is the case with some items, usually on the cheaper side. A lot of items are made with "fabric x" and they are not concerned with getting things to line up as this would add a huge amount of time, quality control and therefore $$ to each garment. If you have your heart set on getting only the most exact replica as possible I recommend using the brand info provided to look in stores in person. You could also try eBay/Poshmark — but I would only rely on listings where the seller has taken their own photo.

What does it mean if an item is marked [altered]?

It means the product has been significantly modified by the wardrobe department of the show. Examples would be cutting the sleeves off a top, shortening a maxi dress to be a mini dress, or custom dyes. It is important to note that nearly all items on tv are altered to a degree, they are tailored to fit the person wearing them perfectly. We only mark [altered] on changes that are visually obvious.

Can you please add information about make-up and nail polish?

This is impossible without direct information from the make-up artists, which we don't have.

Why is a character seemingly ignored?

We never actively ignore characters for any reason! If a character isn't listed, it is because we haven't yet found any of their items.

Why don't Amazon products show a price?

Amazon's terms of service stipulate that we cannot display the price. This is because their prices change so rapidly.