Zoe's knit sweater with owl on Hart of Dixie

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Zoe’s owl cardigan and leather trim tank top on Hart of Dixie

Sweater: 'Sienne' Owl cardigan by Etoile Isabel Marant Top: Leather trimmed chiffon panel tank by Enza Costa Necklace: Nameplate necklace by Peggy Li (also worn here) Thanks InStyle for the IDs!

Featured on: Hart of Dixie episode "I Run To You" - 3x07
Worn by: Zoe Hart played by Rachel Bilson
Posted on: November 19, 2013
Posted by: Linda
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Hart of Dixie Fashion: Isabel Marant Sienne Owl cardigan worn by Rachel BilsonPin it
Hart of Dixie Fashion: Enza Costa Chiffon Panel Tank worn by Rachel BilsonPin it