Harper’s pink fluffy outfit on iCarly

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Picture: Paramount+

Outfit Details

Top: Daydreamin Top by L*Space

Sweater: Daydreamin Cardigan by L*Space

Shorts: Daydreamin Short by L*Space

Worn on: iCarly episode "iCan Fix It Myself" - 1x11
Worn by: Harper played by Laci Mosley
Posted on: August 12, 2021
Posted by: Linda
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Outfit Images

L*Space Daydreamin Top, Cardigan and Shorts worn by Harper (Laci Mosley) on iCarly

Harper (played by Laci Mosley) on iCarly on Paramount+ was spotted wearing this pink fluffy outfit on iCarly on episode 'iCan Fix It Myself' (1x11) in Aug 2021. Harper's Top is the Daydreamin Top by L*Space . Harper's Sweater is the Daydreamin Cardigan by L*Space . Harper's Shorts is the Daydreamin Short by L*Space. For shoppable links visit wornontv.net/237464