Joan's black and white safety pin graphic tshirt on Elementary

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Joan’s black and white graphic tee on Elementary

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Featured on: Elementary episode "All In The Family" - 2x13
Worn by: Joan Watson played by Lucy Liu
Posted on: January 10, 2014
Posted by: Linda
Tags: , Elementary, Joan Watson

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  1. Emma says:

    You should post her other t-shirt from this episode, the one with creme de la creme on it. It’s Zoe Karssen :)

  2. Linda says:

    Thanks Emma! I must have skipped right past it, I don’t remember seeing it at all! Have to re-watch!

  3. Pili says:


    I have this t-shirt! It’s from Zara, section TRF (Trafaluc). I can’t send any link because is currently out of stock (because of the sales). But I can send you a photo of mine if you want.

    Bye! ;)

  4. Linda says:

    Thanks so much Pili!

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