Misty's gold crop top and bowler hat on AHS: Coven

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Misty’s gold embellished top and flag scarf on American Horror Story

Top: Butterfly Sequin Halter Top by Tela at Urban Outfitters Scarf (waist): Lightweight Stars 'N' Stripes Scarf from Urban Outfitters

Featured on: American Horror Story episode "The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks" - 3x10
Worn by: Misty Day played by Lily Rabe
Posted on: January 12, 2014
Posted by: Linda
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AHS Coven Fashion: Tela Butterfly Sequin Halter Topworn by Lily RabePin it
AHS Coven Fashion: Urban Outfitters Lightweight Stars Stripes Scarf worn by Lily RabePin it