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Tessa’s leather backpack on Suburgatory

Bag: The Transport Rucksack by Madewell

Top: Sleeveless Blouse from H&M (Thanks Emma!)

Featured on: Suburgatory episode "The Birds and the Biederman" - 3x04
Worn by: Tessa Altman played by Jane Levy
Posted on: February 6, 2014
Posted by: Linda
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Tessa Altman (played by Jane Levy) on Suburgatory on ABC was spotted wearing this leather backpack on Suburgatory on episode '' (3x04) in Feb 2014. Tessa's Bag is the The Transport Rucksack by Madewell . Tessa's Top is the Sleeveless Blouse from H&M . For shoppable links visit wornontv.net/27146