The Mother's blue and pink floral dress on HIMYM

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The Mother’s blue and pink floral dress on How I Met Your Mother

Dress: Silk Dress in Night Orchid by Madewell (worn on a number of shows) Bag: The Dover Crossbody Bag by Madewell (Thanks Amy!)

Featured on: How I Met Your Mother episode "Gary Blauman" - 9x21
Worn by: The Mother played by Cristin Milioti
Posted on: March 18, 2014
Posted by: Linda
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  1. Amy says:

    Hi I didn’t see any bag information so I thought maybe I can ask you this! Do you have any idea what is the bag the mother is carrying when she’s in this dress in the Gary Blauman episode? I really like it–I already got a similar one (mac by rebecca minkoff) but I think the one in the show is more simple and elegant! So I thought I should ask if you have any ideas what brand it is! Thanks a lot!!

  2. Amy says:

    Actually, following the comment just now, I feel the bag could also be from Madewell! I am browsing the website and found this. I thought they are the same!

  3. Linda says:

    Thanks Amy! They must have gone on a shopping spree at Madewell for this ep :D

  4. Jen says:

    I think I may have found the shoes! Or at least some that are very similar. She never really turns around so I can’t tell 100% what the back looks like, but at the very end when they are walking away it looks like the back might be similar to these!

  5. Linda says:

    Thanks Jen! They are certainly similar but I’m not sure if they are an exact match, the back does look a bit different – here are a few views of them:

    It would be so convenient if they would take a few minutes at the end of each episode to do some close-up 360 views of shoes, nobody would mind, surely :D

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Madewell Silk Dress in Night Orchid worn by Cristin Milioti on HIMYM
Madewell Silk Dress in Night Orchid worn by Cristin Milioti on HIMYM
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