Destiny’s pink argyle vest on Bunkd

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Picture: Disney

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Sweater: Jacquard Vest by Zara

Worn on: Bunkd episode "Where the Buffalo Betties Roam" - 6x06
Worn by: Destiny Baker played by Mallory James Mahoney
Posted on: July 19, 2022
Posted by: Mina
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Jacquard Vest by Zara worn by Destiny Baker (Mallory James Mahoney) on Bunkd

Destiny Baker (played by Mallory James Mahoney) on Bunkd on Disney was spotted wearing this pink argyle vest on Bunkd on episode 'Where the Buffalo Betties Roam' (6x06) in Jul 2022. Destiny's Sweater is the Jacquard Vest by Zara. For shoppable links visit