Where to buy clothes worn on Netflix's Emily in Paris.

Emily in Paris


If you loved Sex And The City, you’re going to adore the little sister of this smash-hit TV show, also created by Darren Star. And spoiler alert: the fashion is just as fabulous! Set and filmed in Paris, Emily in Paris is a Netflix-streaming comedy-drama that follows twenty-something Emily as she moves from the US to work in a French marketing firm. Patricia Field, SATC’s Costume Designer, makes a glorious comeback, dressing Emily in fun, unique and frivolous fashion as she finds her feet in a new city with a new job, new friends, and new romances. As for the rest of the cast, American style contrasts French chic in a colorful, optimistic and extravagant celebration of clothing at its finest.

Costume design by Marylin Fitoussi, Patricia Field.