Rosie's red floral print tank top on Devious Maids Rosie’s red floral print tank top on Devious Maids View Outfit
Mona's orange patterned dress on PLL Mona’s patterned dress with leather trim on Pretty Little Liars View Outfit
Tina's brown studded long sleeve dress on Glee Tina’s red grommet studded dress on Glee View Outfit
Gina's blue printed Thanksgiving Dress on Brooklyn 99 Gina’s printed long sleeve mini dress for Thanksgiving on Brooklyn Nine-Nine View Outfit

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Carrie Bradshaws dark green jumper with black metallic zig zag top on The Carrie Diaries Carrie’s green glitter zig zag sweater on The Carrie Diaries View Outfit
Magnolia's pink stripey dress on Hart Of Dixie season 2 Magnolia’s pink striped dress on Hart of Dixie View Outfit