Where to buy clothes worn on Netflix's Wednesday.



The Addams Family is back with a vengeance in this genius TV adaptation for Netflix co-directed by the only and only Tim Burton. Jenna Ortega takes the lead as Wednesday, combining gothic clothing and makeup with a dark sense of humor to match. Yet, the fashion in the show is given the distinctive, playful twist that only Tim Burton can deliver: think Beetlejuice-esque striped school uniforms and contrasting colorful ensembles by supporting characters like Wednesday's roommate Enid a la Alice in Wonderland. We follow Wednesday as she attends the cool and kooky Nevermore Academy (with her signature pigtail plaits), whereby she has to navigate normal teenage life as the terrifying mysteries of the school begin to unfold. Prepare to be enticed by the spectacle that is the storyline, visuals, and style.

Costume design by Colleen Atwood.