Where to buy clothes worn on ABC's Home Economics.

Home Economics


Home Economics is an ABC comedy produced by and starring Topher Grace. The show deals with the relationships and rivalries among three grown siblings with different incomes and outlooks on life. Grace plays Tom, the anxious yet lovable older sibling struggling to support his wife and three young children as a budding author. Middle child Sarah is a socially conscious therapist who, along with her wife Denise, is barely earning enough to provide for their preteen children. The youngest but by far wealthiest sibling Connor is a newly divorced dad whose overly lackadaisical personality greatly contrasts with the savvy business sense that has earned him millions. The fashions in Home Economics work to demonstrate the varying income levels of its main characters. Sarah and Denise sport a shabby chic, boho inspired style to express their new age outlook on life. Tom dawns a humdrum, no frills style full of sweatshirts, flannels, and mid-wash jeans. Connor is often seen in business casual looks, like tailored trousers paired with a trendy sneaker, to reflect his preference for expensive yet tasteful fashions. The contrasting styles of the siblings work to highlight how their differing personalities can make getting along a challenge at times. But the show's ability to find common ground and emphasize the importance of family makes Home Economics a joyful, refreshing, and relatable comedy to watch.