Where to buy clothes worn on NBC's Mr Mayor.

Mr Mayor


Mr. Mayor is NBC's fish-out-of-water comedy about a successful aging businessman turned mayor named Neil Bremer. Much of the story's humor revolves around Bremer's lack of political acumen and social awareness, which contrasts sharply with the woke perspectives of his preteen daughter and young political cabinet. The dumb luck and laise faire leadership style that won Bremer the election also creates tension between his running mate and eventual deputy mayor elect Arpi Meskimen, who runs against him in the mayoral reelection of the second season. Because the show takes place in a political setting, it sports traditional business wear fashions like suits and dress shoes, with the occasional pop of color in the form of button ups and ties. The show's younger cast members rock more adventurous styles, like Bremer's Chief of Staff Mikaela, who is often seen in vibrantly colored suits. The mayor's daughter Orly sports a preppy yet youthful style of printed sweaters, short plaid skirts, and fresh white sneakers. Mr. Mayor's comical take on how generational differences affect public policy make this tongue-in-cheek comedy a light hearted romp for the masses to enjoy.