Where to buy clothes worn on NBC's Smash.



Karen CartwrightKarenIvy LynnIvy


Ivy's patterned grey dress on Smash Ivy's patterned grey dress on Smash
Karen's black handbag on Smash Karen's black polka dot skirt and handbag on Smash
Ivy's teal blue dress and glittery scarf on Smash Ivy's teal dress on Smash
Karens blue cardigan with pearls Karens blue cardigan with tiny pearls on Smash

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Karens cherry print dress Karens white cherry dress on Smash
Ivys white fur wrap Ivy's white fur wrap/stole and pink headphones from Smash
Karens striped top Karen's striped shirt from Smash
WornOnTVCeleb Style Under $100
Topshop Crochet Trim Floral Long Sleeve Minidress   Nordstrom at Nordstrom$75Nordstrom
Topshop Twist Slipdress at Nordstrom$58Nordstrom
AQUA Sleeveless Halter Top - 100  Exclusive Women - Bloomingdale s at Bloomingdales$58Bloomingdales
AQUA Poplin Mini Dress - 100  Exclusive Women - Bloomingdale s at Bloomingdales$88Bloomingdales
Karens purple gloves and black leather jacket Karen's purple fingerless gloves and blue bag on Smash
Ivys ribbon tie cardigan Ivy's ribbot tie cardigan on Smash
Ivys green dressing gown Ivy's green dressing gown

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Ivys green cardigan Ivy's green cardigan on Smash
Ivy's brown leather jacket Ivy's brown leather jacket from Smash
Ivy's purple leopard print strapless dress Ivy's purple leopard print strapless dress from Smash
Karens maxi dress Karens halter maxi dress from Smash

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Karen's purple cowl neck mini dress Karens purple cowl neck dress from Smash
Karens red strapless dress with gold shoes Karens red strapless dress and gold shoes from Smash
Ivys red dress Ivy's red dress from Smash
Karens black leather jacket with wool lining Karen's black leather jacket from Smash