Brooke on The Bold and the Beautiful

Brooke Logan Outfits on The Bold and the Beautiful

Where to buy clothes worn by Brooke Logan (played by Katherine Kelly Lang) on CBS's The Bold and the Beautiful.

Katherine Kelly Lang, portraying Brooke Logan on "The Bold and the Beautiful," epitomizes elegance and a high-fashion sensibility, marking her status as the undeniable queen bee of the show. Brooke's style is a vibrant melange, reflecting her multifaceted personality; she indulges in a varied color palette, often embracing bold prints that set her apart from her peers. Whether she's entangled in the show's myriad intrigues or standing strong as a matriarch, Brooke is consistently draped in the luxury of high-fashion pieces. Her go-to shopping destinations include the likes of Saks Fifth Avenue and Bergdorf Goodman, ensuring her wardrobe is stocked with an array of upscale brands. Each ensemble she wears is more than an outfit; it's a statement, an external display of her inner strength, confidence, and complexity. Even in moments of turmoil, Brooke's elegance never falters, with her fashion choices continually echoing her resilience and undeniable presence, making her not only a pivotal character in the narrative but also a perpetual icon of style.

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WornOnTVCeleb Style Under $100
Open Edit Hourglass Blazer at NordstromNordstrom$89
Chelsea28 Satin Faux Wrap Midi Dress at NordstromNordstrom$99
Fluffy Sweater Vest at NordstromNordstrom$72
Double Breasted Cotton Blend Blazer at NordstromNordstrom$99

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