Where to buy clothes worn by Cassandra Cillian (played by Lindy Booth) on TNT's The Librarians.

The Librarians


Eve BairdEveCassandra CillianCassandraEzekiel JonesEzekiel


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WornOnTVCeleb Style Under $100
AQUA Snake Print Smocked Mini Dress - 100  Exclusive Women - Bloomingdale s at Bloomingdales$88Bloomingdales
Lucy Paris Sheer Sleeve Mini Dress Women - Bloomingdale s at Bloomingdales$98Bloomingdales
AQUA Sleeveless Halter Top - 100  Exclusive Women - Bloomingdale s at Bloomingdales$58Bloomingdales
Halter neck tank top at Nordstrom$49Nordstrom

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